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7 Ways To Prepare Your Student to Be a Happy & Successful Adult

The transition from youth to adulthood is an exciting one filled with uncertainty both for the student and the parent. There is no guidebook; however, the literature around success and happiness has begun to grow in recent years, as scholars such as Martin Seligman and Angela Duckworth have begun exploring what truly predicts the attainment of a happy and successful life.

Transitioning From HS Student Athlete To Full-Time College Student

The vast majority of High School student athletes have spent a good portion of their youth dedicated to a sport that helped define their formative years. However, when taking that step from grade school teachings to collegiate academics, not only will their work in the classroom take a great leap forward, but the playing field of athletics (especially at D-I schools) will also prove considerably tougher.

The College Acceptance Chronicles: How Does One Get Into Yale?

At Rainbow, we treat every student’s victory as our own. I personally find enormous joy in hearing about my students’ college admissions wins, the factors that influence their final decisions, and the sublime shift that takes place for each and every one of them…their idea of college morphing into one multi-faceted, actualized experience.