Clarity, Grit, and Motivation

Cultivating genuine passion and personal vision involves looking for ways in which mentees can intuitively blossom. Whether coaching privately or in tandem/semi-private collaboration with several students, Rainbow EDU’s mentoring and enrichment opportunities help students pinpoint their unique assets and passions and transform them into plans of action.


Many of our mentoring and enrichment successes have happened within the context of our innovative Paving the Way program, though Cindy and REC senior educators and coaches also mentor students one-on-one to help their passions root and dreams come true. 

Leadership Opportunities

Every educator at Rainbow EDU acknowledges and fosters the leadership potential in every student. Committed mentorship inspires confidence and momentum, spurring students toward their natural strengths. Some of the cool initiatives we’ve nurtured:

Success Stories

  • Mentored a student from an initial nomination to a full fledged campaign as part of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Student of the Year competition. She and her team raised over $164,000 in just seven weeks amid a pandemic for pivotal blood cancer treatments and research, winning LLS’s 2021 Student of the Year philanthropy campaign
  • Mentored a student who became one of the youngest students to enter The Beat Lab certification program in Ableton, which she completed in 6 months and led to a lifetime pursuit in music engineering
  • Counseled students to launch a nationally recognized Women’s Leadership Conference at Brentwood School that attracted the likes of Maria Shriver and Lady Gaga
  • Mentored a student to spearhead Ripping Off the Label/Re-envisioning the Stereotype, a regional Identity/Gender Politics/Social Media Literacy conference for 300+ LA teens/educators
  • Nominated and accompanied students to Running Start’s National Political Leadership Program
  • Organized students and community mentors to design and build a state-of-the-art gymnasium for a high school campus 

Community and Service Learning 

We look for ways to connect students with novel and exciting opportunities to be of service to their schools, neighborhoods, communities, and the world. We are consistently organizing new projects and events based on need and desire.

Success Stories

  • Mentored a student to volunteer with The Miracle Project (Emmy Award-winning transformative performing arts program) ––a unique organization that uses performing arts to help neurodiverse students along with those on the autism spectrum tap into their confidence and discover impactful means of self-expression
  • Coached a student who became the only teen researcher for The Miracle Project (TMP) on a team of PhDs and MDs about how expressive arts impact the development of non-verbal youth on the autism spectrum
  • Mentored a student to found The Thrive Initiative, a teen mental health advocacy organization, leading to press exposure including CBS Los Angeles and The Today Show

Entrepreneurial Coaching 

Some of our mentees are born entrepreneurs. Others learn how to tap into that unchartered part of their spirit. REC is committed to stewarding students toward opportunities for personal growth and impact, no matter how these facets may manifest and take form.

Success Stories

  • Mentored students to develop six-figure businesses
  • Mentored a student who, as a teen, became a Certified Yoga Instructor, including 200-hours of teacher training, resulting in teaching yoga to the Harvard-Westlake and Colburn Academy community
  • Secured Business Insider article for a student chronicling his record-breaking card trade; a basketball card he sold for over 1.8 million at barely 16-years-old
  • Helped the same student navigate interviews and write op-ed pieces about his penchant for trading. One of the pieces we coached him on, an academic essay on Joan of Arc, won the prestigious “Gold Key” in the Scholastic Competition
  • Stewarded digital innovation, including significant app developments, viral video content, and award-winning documentary and short films
  • Major media publishing with Business Insider, LA Times, NY Times 
  • Student interviews with producers of Today Show, CBS Los Angeles, Retire Before College podcast 


We have a stellar track record of helping students advocate for themselves to pursue and secure internships that boost their resumes and give them experience in fields of interest. Many of these invaluable internship opportunities have led to future opportunity

Success Stories

  •  JPL / NASA
  • The White House
  • The Kennedy Foundation
  • Google
  • Code Rev
  • Vogue
  • Bollare PR 
  • The Mark Taper Forum
  • Steppenwolf Theatre Company
  • Love Goodly
  • Sundance Film Festival
  • The Brady Campaign
  • Tesloop
  • Keller Williams Realty

Cindy is an exciting and motivating mentor who has a totally unique way of inspiring students.

Jennifer Baldacchino,

Parent to Gabriella Baldacchino, USC Student/Actor

Cindy has changed my life in many ways, not only with the help of her brilliant tutoring, but she has also been a mentor and a friend to me, someone I feel like I can talk to about anything. She has been especially supportive in my interest in women’s issues and continues to inspire me every time I have a session with her. She puts so much effort into all her students and is very passionate about her work. She enriches the life of every single person she comes into contact with. She is one of the most amazing women that I know.

Mackenzie Carlson,

Brown University and Brentwood School Graduate

Cindy is an absolute visionary. I am a senior in high school, and I met Cindy a few months before I began this school year. My strengths academically are mainly in reading, writing, social studies, and philosophy, but Cindy has enhanced my knowledge and appreciation for mathematics, science, and my capabilities in problem solving as a whole. When I first met Cindy, I was in desperate need of a math tutor, but what I received was more than I could have ever imagined. Aside from her outstanding mathematical capabilities, Cindy has served as my mentor, ultimate problem solver, entrepreneurial guru, and ultimate inspiration throughout my college prep and application process.

As a fellow performer, and actress, Cindy also has helped me explore my passion for theatre, and expand it to become a flourishing intrigue with anthropology, psychology, and motivational speaking. She is literally the reason I am now traveling as a motivational speaker/ Body Positive facilitator to youth, ranging from middle school to high school. In offering her invaluable time, ambitious mindset, and incredibly compassionate demeanor, she has allowed me to find my true passions, and encourage others to do the same.

Furthermore, Cindy is beyond this world amazing. Whether to call her an angel, an oracle, a goddess, a reincarnated Albert Einstein, or any other form of awe, I am not worthy to concretely say. However, I can attest that Cindy has absolutely changed my vision for myself and the world around me, my societal views and aspirations, as well as having enhanced my mathematical and test taking capabilities.

Truly, Cindy is the most wonderful, kind, creative, talented, and intelligent essence, one could ever hope to meet or aspire to become.

Jessica Burgess,

Graham High School in Texas Graduate and USC School of Dramatic Arts Student