Rainbow EDU is honored to work with students from the following schools:

Harvard-Westlake * Marymount High School * Brentwood School * The Buckley School * Crossroads * Campbell Hall * The Oakwood School * The Marlborough School * Archer School for Girls * Windward School * Wildwood School * Loyola High School * Notre Dame High School * Oaks Christian * Louisville High School * New Jewish Community High School * The Westmark School * The Waldorf School * Summit View * Lincoln Middle School * John Thomas Dye * Franklin Elementary * Laurel Springs School * Visions Scholastic Academy * Beverly Hills High School * Palisades High School * Santa Monica High * Venice High * LaGuardia High School * The Spence School * The Lawrenceville School * Idyllwild Arts Academy * The New Roads School * Harvard University * Yale University * Oxford University * Columbia University * University of Pennsylvania * Cornell University * Northwestern * Princeton University * Syracuse University * Juilliard * USC * UCLA * NYU * Colgate University * Pepperdine University * Loyola Marymount University * Dartmouth University * Chapman University * Santa Monica College * Pierce College


Working with Gali and Ben has made a huge impact on our daughter’s academic experience. The dedication and care they use to ensure her understanding of complex concepts and material has been invaluable. Thank you Cindy for your advice, availability and genuine interest in your students’ success.

Susanna Felleman and Erik Feig,

Brentwood School Parents

I’ve worked with Cindy since my freshman year in Algebra I and plan to continue seeing her until I physically can’t any longer (Graduation). I can’t express how lucky I feel to have Cindy as my tutor. Not only has Cindy helped me master concepts that no teacher ever could but she also is a caring and lively human being. Beginning in Algebra I and moving onto Chemistry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, and essays, I can honestly say I’ve learned as much from Cindy as my teachers in school. Her patient personality and funny analogies allow me to understand material more easily and for the material to actually stick in my mind. Meeting with Cindy allows me to go into tests with confidence, turn in papers that I’m actually excited to get back, and master the previously impossible math problems. However, Cindy is much more than just a tutor; she always offers her amazing organic farmers market food such as apples and vegetables, which help me to stay satisfied, comfortable, and concentrated. Furthermore, Cindy has a very kind heart and even gave me balloons and a birthday present on my birthday. I can’t thank Cindy enough for the knowledge she has passed onto me, I cannot recommend her enough. I will miss her when I go away to college.

Elle Cameron,

Boston College and Marymount High School Graduate

My daughter, Aja Bivens, worked with Cindy from her freshmen year through her senior year of high school. With Cindy’s extra guidance and recommendations through the rigors of her academic coursework, Aja was able to do very well throughout her high school years. Each year showed an improvement with her study skills as well as her grades. Cindy was able to teach Aja so that she fully understood her subjects and was confident in taking her tests. Aja also took Cindy’s prep courses for her SAT testing and she began these courses during the second half of her sophomore year and continued until the end of her junior year. Because she started well in advance, she was very prepared for the official SAT testing and was able to improve her scores by over 600 points from where she started. Cindy also worked with Aja to create vivid and poignant personal statements and unique essay supplements that very much set her apart in the college application process. Her applications, along with her excellent SAT scores and a strong GPA, allowed Aja to gain admittance to her dream school, New York University.

Madeline Loef,

Marymount and NYU Parent