Virtual Homeschool Support

Virtual homeschool support is a lot like subject tutoring. It is one-on-one and online. The difference is that our REC educators monitor and support subject progress for the duration of the academic year.

If you are a school-at-home parent who needs support for a subject you aren’t an expert in or want a full-time educator to make sure your student (generally, older; middle and high school) is staying on task, this is your option.

One Educator/One Student Virtual School-at-Home Support

In support of the family serving as the school of record, a single educator monitors and facilitates existing curriculum. Students may work with both REC facilitators and current teachers, or with REC educators utilizing a student’s school curriculum.

One Educator/One Student Virtual Single-Subject Tutoring

This option is designed to offer support to homeschooling parents in subjects outside of their expertise.

Online Classes: Coming soon! Stay tuned!

We are currently creating a fabulous roster of online enrichment classes to support adventurous learning for students and their families.