REC Educators Don’t Just Tutor Subjects; They Illuminate, Motivate, and Inspire

Rainbow EDU educators are accomplished, extraordinary artists, scientists, and mentors. They are kindred spirits who embody our mission, vision, and values.

Rachel W. | College Counselor, Essays, Academics Life Coach, American History, Humanities

At Rainbow, Rachel uses her life coach training and expertise as well as her creative insight to help students discover their inner passions so that they can begin creating the lives that they want now. This includes college admissions consulting (helping students to find their unique voice and use it both to determine which schools are truly good fits for them as well as how to get noticed by those schools), teen entrepreneurial coaching, as well as helping students navigate the ins and outs of their young lives (social pressures, relationships, communication skills, extracurricular activities, health and wellbeing, balance, etc).

Scott R. | Educator, Standardized Test Prep Coach, Private Homeschooling Instructor

A top scorer himself, Scott has tutored students throughout Los Angeles, both for independent school and undergraduate admissions (ISEE/SSAT & ACT/SAT) and graduate (GRE/GMAT/LSAT) admissions exams. Of all these tests, he especially enjoys the LSAT, having scored a 177 himself and having spent half a decade help many students attain 170+. He has also coached many students to perfect GRE, SAT and ACT scores - as well as 8’s and 9’s on the ISEE and top scores on the SSAT! Whether working one-on-one or leading a room full of students, Scott’s teaching style is inviting and thoughtful. He responds to each student as the unique learner they are.

Alex H. | Multi-Subject, Economics

Alex has instructed and coached hundreds of students of all ages and learning styles in reading and writing, STEM, and standardized tests, helping many achieve 90+ percentile scores on independent school, undergraduate, and graduate standardized tests and Advanced Placement tests in Economics. Alex believes that in a dynamic world, life-long learning is key to growth and wants to imbue every student with an intrinsic motivation for studying. He believes that this is possible by building rapport and approaching the student from the inside-out.

Alice W. | College Essays, Oxford Humanities, Writing, Improvisation

Alice specializes in the Humanities, tutoring English Literature, History, French, Greek Mythology, and creative writing. In her spare time, Alice performs improvised comedy. Alice believes that when you teach a student that academics are exciting, rather than just teaching them a few facts, you widen their horizons for the rest of their lives.

Ben H. | STEM Research, Biology, Marine Biology

Ben’s specialty is STEM mentorship, Biology, and Marine Biology As a strong advocate for mentoring, Benjamin has been heavily involved with community outreach. As part of his teaching style, Benjamin combines active learning strategies with an empathetic approach that focuses on narrowing a student’s knowledge gap by first understanding their learning process.

Brea W. | Medical School Admissions

Brea loves engaging with students of all ages on various topics. Her forte is all levels of math and science, in addition to preparing students for standardized tests (particularly the PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, and very soon, the MCAT). She looks forward to integrating her experiences with mentorship to help deepen her mentee’s understanding of a subject.

France D. | French, Italian, Cinema

France Demoulin is a French and Italian Language Specialist with expertise in French and Italian cinema. Specializing in language instruction, France is a people-person who loves mentoring students of all ages, helping them fall in love with her native tongue as well as learn about the culture and cinema of both France and Italy.

Gali S. | STEM, French, Multi-Subject

Gali has 6+ years tutoring college preparatory students in various STEM classes such as Freshmen Physics, AP Biology, Honors Chemistry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus/Trig, in addition to tutoring elementary and middle schoolers in Mathematics and Hebrew.

John K. | Computer Science

John has experience in Data Structures, Algorithms, Discrete Math, Inter-networking, Software Engineering, Software Development, and Operating Systems. Coupled with electrical experience in Embedded Systems, Arduinos, and Computer Systems, John is well versed in programming, debugging, and problem-solving code. His passion and the knowledge helps students achieve their best performance in programming assignments, coding challenges, and computer science concepts.

Kate K. | Spanish, Humanities, Entrepreneurship

Kate believes test prep and tutoring is about much more than building a skill set; it's also about fostering confidence and a sense of agency that inspire students to tackle their next learning challenge with increased vigor, joy, and curiosity.

Luc V.H. | Multi-Subject, Economics, Entrepreneurship

Luc is an internationally trained and experienced Business Economics educator with a specialty in micro and macro economics and market research. Luc takes a traditional approach to engaging students in the fundamentals of economics and encourages them to apply innovative business models. Beyond text-book theory, Luc’s students learn how to connect theoretical concepts into clear, practical applications in a truly engaging way.

Lyeah G. | Homeschool, Behavioral Therapist, Learning Differences

Lyeah is a credentialed K-6th educator, behavior specialist, and academic tutor. Unlike most general education teachers, Lyeah has extensive experience working with children diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum as well as those with emotional disturbances and ADHD. Her background in both play and behavior-based therapies enables Lyeah to help students of all ages and abilities reach their highest potential and fall in love with learning. 

Mara K. | Acting, Performance, Humanities, ISEE

Mara has experience working with students of all ages (from grade school to college graduates) and specializes in humanities, organization, essay prep, IB prep, ISEE, and audition coaching, Taking the time to get to know her students as individuals asd seeing where their interests lie. So that she can approach material relating it specifically to what makes them tick, their goals, and learning style.

Nardeep K. | Film

Nardeep Khurmi specializes teen cinematic projects. As he has grown as an artist, Nardeep has taken ownership of his voice and loves to spotlight underrepresented communities in his work. He splits his time between working on thought-provoking, moving, socially relevant narratives and absurdist comedy pieces.

Nick D. | Math, Standardized Test Prep

Nick has nearly a decade's worth of experience in mathematics education. In addition to math, Nick has worked as an ACT and SAT prep tutor, both in one-on-one and classroom settings. Nick uses the same holistic, personalized approach in standardized test prep tutoring, while also incorporating useful test-taking strategies to help students achieve their best possible score.

Nyala C. | Social Justice, Social Sciences

Nyala Carbado (they/them/theirs) specializes in Social Justice and Social Sciences. In their teaching, they emphasize the importance of intersectionality, implicit biases, and how layered discrimination affects mental health.

Oran F. | STEM, Political Science

Oran has a distinctive background in both STEM and social sciences. He is adept at working with students of diverse backgrounds, special interests, and in a multitude of different subjects. Having tutored everything from math to physics to game theory and more, Oran possesses both the knowledge and passion to help students achieve greatness inside and outside of the classroom.

Tess S. | English and Humanities Educator, Writing Skills and Journalism, College Essays and Mentorship

Tess recently graduated with high honors from Princeton University with an A.B. degree in English. She has worked with countless students on their writing skills, including for three years at the Princeton University Writing Center, and with fellow writers on pieces of all kinds. She has published essays, poetry, and investigative reporting in college publications and as a freelance writer. She tutors writing, college prep, and middle and high school subjects. Tess loves working with students holistically, learning about their personal motivations and future aspirations, and helping them advance those goals with the academic or creative work at hand. 

Pooja N. | STEM and Multi-Subject Educator, Mentor, Standardized Test Prep Coach, College Essays and Consulting, Academic Coach

A graduate of Brown University with a B.A. in Public Health, Pooja has taught countless students in a variety of subjects, from K-12 sciences, mathematics, and writing to SAT and ACT prep to college-level physical and social sciences. After receiving 98th percentile SAT and 99th percentile ACT scores, she has mastered the intricacies of college admissions standardized testing and teaches students in an individually curated style. Throughout her undergraduate experience, Pooja has become an advocate for mentorship and believes that the right personal and professional guide can be life-changing. Pooja believes in holistic learning, an engaging curriculum, and a strong educator-student relationship.

Crystal B. | College Essay Coach, College Audition Prep, TV Writing and Pitching Coach, IB Program Testing, Admissions Coach, Entrepreneurial Coach, and Educator (All Levels of the Humanities & Social Sciences)

Crystal is a writer, executive producer, and TV creator that has sold four comedy pilots to Warner Brothers and SONY, as part of the woman-comedy trio, The Downtown Girls.  She teaches at NYU's LA campus, the upper-level course "Writing the Comedy Pilot." She is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a B.F.A. in Musical Theater.

Crystal specializes in college essay applications, coaching to write compelling stories and short films, and analyzing English literature.

Avital F. | College Prep, Writing, Philosophy

Avital is a PhD candidate at the University of Oxford, supported by a Marshall Scholarship. Before starting at Oxford, Avital graduated with highest honors from Princeton University with an AB in Philosophy. During undergrad, she served as a Head Fellow in the Princeton Writing Center, both working with students directly and mentoring a staff of other writing tutors. She tutors college prep, writing, philosophy, and middle and high school subjects. Avital views mentoring and teaching as a way to empower students, helping them grow holistically and setting them up for long term success.

Paras N. | Standardized Test Prep Coach, Math

Paras is a computer science major at the University of Pennsylvania and has tutored PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP Calculus AB/BC, AP Physics 1/C, and AP Computer Science A (amongst many other subjects) over the past 8 years. With multiple 5's across a variety of AP Exams and a 1570 on the SAT, Paras has a history of helping students achieve their goal scores.

Nadia G. | STEM, Spanish, Mentor

Nadia is currently a medical student at Columbia University. Before starting medical school, Nadia graduated with highest honors from Brown University with a B.S. in Biochemistry. After graduating, she spent a year living in Oaxaca, Mexico working as an EMT with the Mexican Red Cross to strengthen her Spanish skills. Throughout these experiences, her mentors helped to show her that educational experiences should be enjoyable and rewarding, and Nadia is excited to cultivate this same love for learning in her students. Nadia has over six years of tutoring experience and enjoys tutoring STEM classes and Spanish, as well as mentoring other students interested in a medical career. 

Elizabeth V. | STEM, Standardized Test Prep Coach

Elizabeth is a first-year medical student at Columbia Medical School. Before medical school, she graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 2020 from Wesleyan University with a BA in Economics and Physics. She has experience working with middle school, high school and college students, across a variety of STEM subjects and test prep. She loves connecting with new students and helping them tackle the complex topics they are learning about. 

Ethan A. | Curriculum Development Consultant, Entrepreneurial Coach, Teen Paving Mentor, Award-winning Museum Programmer/Curator

Ethan has been creating programming and building audiences in the museum and culture sector for nearly 15 years. An early member of Museum Hack, he created and built their Museum Consulting program, and has developed programming, marketing, curricular and strategic approaches for cultural organizations as varied as the National Park Service, SFMOMA, The Smithsonian, the National Museums of Norway and Te Papa Tongarewa in New Zealand. As a member of the education team for the Wildlife Conservation Society, Ethan has built curricula, education programming and live interpretation experiences at all 5 New York City zoos, opened three exhibits and executed thousands of live programs both onsite and in schools. Ethan holds an honors degree from New York University.


Working with Nick, Oran and Alex has made a huge difference in my academic learning. Their depth of knowledge and ability to help me through all the topics covered in Calculus 2, College Linear Algebra, and Microeconomics has allowed for a deeper understanding — especially during the pandemic! Each of the tutors have plenty of knowledge that no matter what the question or topic was they were ready to help me learn it. They were also each able to tailor their teaching styles to what would help me learn and understand the material best. They were all very friendly and I never felt like I was being lectured but rather working through the problems in my head with them filling in the blanks.

Luke Davenport,

Crossroads School Alum and Colgate University Student

Nick is my fave person ever I literally talk about him to everyone ever!! Honestly, he's the best math teacher I've ever had in all my years of schooling!

Joanne Davenport,

Crossroads School and Northwestern University Alum

Kate and Nick were excellent tutors. Nick helped me (Emilie) get through the toughest year of math. He was really hardworking and never late to sessions. He made sure I fully understood the topic and even gave me short quizzes to ensure I understood the material. Kate is also a wonderful tutor. You can tell she loves teaching kids and is really good at what she does. She helped both me and Charlie get A’s in a language we have never learned before. Overall both Kate and Nick are extraordinary tutors and have helped us above and beyond in our academic journey.

Emilie and Charlie Corlin,

Santa Monica High School Students