Expert, Strategic, Rigorous Admissions Support

We specialize in guiding the entire admissions process. From identifying the perfect schools for your student’s temperament and style to co-crafting inspiring personal statements to managing application needs, we are there to demystify the process. We collaborate with you, alleviating anxiety for parents and cultivating dynamic, competitive submissions with students.

Savvy Insider Stewardship

Director Cindy Chanin is a former admissions officer from both Yale University and USC. In addition, we have educators with admissions experience from the University of California to the Ivys and beyond. We know what admissions officers are looking for, and we can make you shine.

Vast Experience

  • Private and Public College and University Counseling and Application Support
  • Independent School Assessment and Admissions (K-12)
  • Fine Arts, Design, and Architecture Portfolio Preparation and Counseling
  • Rigorous Audition Mentorship for Theater and Music Conservatory
  • Financial Aid Support, Including Scholarship Opportunities

Our Signature Program: Paving the Way

In addition to admissions support, Rainbow EDU has engineered a powerful, intensive program for ambitious students to pave their way to the education of their dreams. Paving the Way is offered to middle school, high school, and college students as a means for reaching their next step in life.

The combination of expert life coaching, highly sought-after educators, and career exploration mentors give students the tools they need to develop a strong sense of themselves and a solid knowledge of how to successfully navigate life goals.

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Admission Testimonials

Our family lives on the East Coast, and our daughter hadn’t seriously considered college in Los Angeles. Cindy recommended USC. It wasn’t even on our radar! Cindy gave her a hands-on tour of the campus, and introduced her to the assistant dean of her program. It was like an interview on the spot! We all cried tears of joy when she got into USC. Now, she’s studying in the region where her future career will be, giving her a competitive edge.

Jennifer Baldacchino,

Jennifer Baldacchino, Parent to Gabriella Baldacchino, USC Student/Actor

For those of you who have college bound children, I urge you to hire Cindy. Her hands-on approach to college testing, the application, including the essay, will enhance your child’s chances of getting into his/her desired schools. My children (twins) were initially very intimidated by the college process. Cindy helped them get through it successfully with a great deal of patience and positive reinforcement. My twins got into all of the Schools they applied to. Thank you Cindy!

Jon Summers,

Parent of Claire and Jack Summers - Crossroads School Graduates 

Cindy is one of the premier tutors and college consultants/advocates in the Los Angeles area. She has a good grasp of the admissions criteria for the major colleges and universities and is good at attenuating advice for students of different calibers. Three of my children have worked with Cindy and we were very pleased with the results. My daughter picked up approximate 600 points on her SAT through her work with Cindy. You can’t go wrong with Rainbow or Cindy.

Kevin Burke,

CEO, Trinity Capital LLC