We Celebrate Individuality

Through our own research and an in-depth understanding of child development and educational processes, we know that education is no longer about fitting pegs of all shapes into square holes. Unfortunately, traditional schooling systems prioritize standardization, conformity, and extrinsic motivation, which often marginalizes some of our communities' brightest young minds. At REC, we tease out what is unique and compelling about each and every student and strive to find its full potential.

We Cultivate Clarity of Purpose

Rainbow EDU 's team of educators works with students from the inside out, identifying points of passion. With clarity of heart and purpose, students are able to develop self-motivated inspiration and personal integrity in their daily lives.

We Believe a Holistic Approach Is Paramount to Academic Success

When education is approached holistically, and every aspect of a student's socialization, optimal learning style, personal interests, and formal educational processes work in harmony to reinforce one another, students not only achieve higher levels of academic success, but their sense of purpose in life and self-esteem also strengthen dramatically.

About Rainbow

Founded in 2006, Rainbow EDU is equipped to tutor all academic subjects from elementary through college level and beyond. Our multi-faceted approach to academic tutoring and mentoring is grounded in inspiration, self-awareness, leadership development, service learning, health and wellness, and teen life coaching. It has led our students to gain admission to top universities, including Harvard, Yale, UCLA, Oxford, Julliard, and Stanford, and led them to earn National Merit recognition and many perfect and near-perfect SAT and ACT scores.

Rainbow EDU also counsels families through the independent school’s admissions process and offers innovative workshops on college campuses, preparing grad-school-bound students for rigorous exams such as the GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and GMAT. The Rainbow EDU family prides itself in nurturing and valuing the entire spectrum of learning identities and every hue of possibility in between.