Rainbow EDU offers Paving Previews and Workshops, including short-term options for Paving the Way. We have events open to the public and are happy to create custom workshops for your school, community, family, or friends. 

One-Day Paving Preview

Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors can get a taste of what is in store for them should they enroll in the comprehensive Paving experience. Even after this one-day intensive, students will emerge with invaluable information, insights, and “next steps” to implement right away in their academic and personal lives.

One-Week Paving Intensives

One-Week immersion is designed to kick start application preparedness and parallel our longer-term programs. We welcome groups of students, team members, and friends for a cohort/pod/group at your home or in our Santa Monica office.

SAT Prep Intensive

Our test prep workshop is a customized, hands-on, team-taught small-group intensive for sophomores and juniors. The intensive is based on highly successful preparation methods developed in one-on-one sessions, which have helped students obtain 1600’s on their SAT and gain National Merit Recognition. We help students cultivate the critical thinking, problem-solving, organizational, and leadership skills necessary to maximize their potential and help them succeed in all their future endeavors.  This intensive is for students looking to make significant strides in their standardized test preparation process, bolster their confidence, and acquire invaluable tools.

ACT Prep Intensive

Rainbow EDU’s Act Prep Intensive is unique. We maintain small class sizes and adapt our program to each individual student’s learning style. Our instructors create an intimate, creative, and collaborative “learning community” infused with humor and designed to alleviate the stress of test preparation. We help students find meaning and fun in the test prep experience, translating into genuine and personal investment in their learning and higher scores. While our first goal is to help students achieve the highest score they can, we believe that the valuable time students spend preparing for the test shouldn’t be a “necessary evil” of the college application process. Instead, we should help students develop their critical thinking, writing, and communication skills, positive study habits, and the intellectual self-confidence they’ll need to perform at the highest levels in college and other life endeavors.

Ivy League Creative Writing Intensive

In this intensive, students develop work samples within different genres such as epic, narrative and free verse poetry, screenwriting, playwriting, novella, creative nonfiction, and autobiographical narrative each week. They have the opportunity to analyze professional samples, brainstorm ideas that will expand the scope and impact of their writing, and hone their authentic voice and point-of-view.  At the end of the workshop, they emerge with a portfolio of their collected works, suitable for use in college and private school admissions.

Writing a Personal Statement

At this point, you have decided what you want from college, possess a good foundation for putting together your college list, and have taken a good look at the narrative of your application based on your academic and personal enrichment criteria. Congratulations! The next step is writing a compelling personal statement that will serve as the unifying and anchoring of an impactful admissions package and will set you apart from every other applicant.

Identity Exploration

In the college selection process, you must first discover who you are, what you like, what you want, where you fit, what type of environment works best for your style of learning, and what will give you the best opportunity to become the fully realized person you are capable of being. You have had a chance to grow and expand in high school but within fairly narrow boundaries. Choosing a college to attend is most likely the first opportunity you’ve had to see where and how you can fly, grow, seek out a large variety of opportunities and develop your uniqueness. By starting now, you can assure that wherever you go, you will thrive and develop into the best you can be.

College Applications Essentials

Putting together a compelling college application takes time, consideration, and organization. In this one-week intensive, you will learn the essentials of what will make your college application brilliant, organized, impactful, and the best expression of your unique value to the schools of your choice. We will delve into all the important steps of the college application process, leaving no stone unturned.

Landing an Internship

Stay tuned for news in 2021 

Entrepreneurship for Teens

Stay tuned for news in 2021 


I signed up for the Ivy League Creative Writing Intensive, hoping that I’d learn something that would aid me in writing my college application essays. After just two weeks, I’d written two amazing pieces about my life and experiences. When reading over what I’d written, I couldn’t believe that the words were mine. This course gave me the tools I needed to recognize my own abilities.

April K.,

USC and Marymount High School Graduate

Rainbow was definitely important in my college prep process because the college immersion/mentoring program really helped me to understand the college process and how it works a lot better than I understood it previously. Of course, the writing workshops and time spent brainstorming topics for the application essays were key. I enjoyed being able to discuss ideas, share stories about myself, and talk about our opinions on the college process with other students. It helped give me different perspectives and it made the program fun and social as well. Paving allowed me to realize that it’s important to find a college that’s a good fit rather than choosing a college because it has a big name. Paving also gave me the tools to find the pros and cons of schools in order to make that choice. I found it important to have the program mentors get to know me so they could give input on what colleges they thought would be a good fit for me. Most essentially of all, Paving highlighted my best qualities and showed me how to emphasize them to colleges.

Isabel Caro,

Cornell University and Brentwood Graduate

Enrolling in Rainbow’s “Paving the Way to the College of your Dreams” workshop was the best thing I could have done to prepare myself for the college application process. The amazing support that I received from both Sascha and Avriel helped me organize my thoughts around what college would best fit my needs as a student, and gave me individualized, expert attention that I couldn’t have gotten at my school. Even after participating in the program, I continue to work with Avriel, and find the mentoring relationship we’ve built invaluable. I am grateful to have such a wonderful, bright mentor who really cares about me and knows what I want even when it seems hidden to me. But more than anything, Rainbow helped me define who I am now and who I want to be in the future. Not only do I feel prepared to take on my college applications, but I also hold a new self-awareness that has given me the confidence I need in moving onto the next stage of my life.

Areanna Sabine,

Brentwood School Graduate

Rainbow Tutoring’s SAT Prep Intensive Workshop was an amazing course that truly helped me improve my scores. The people there were so nice, sticking with you the whole way to make sure that you completely understood how to do something. I’m glad I did this prep course and I have gained confidence going forward with my SAT.

Sam Levy,

Rice University and Beverly Hills High School Graduate