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The College Acceptance Chronicles: a Rainbow Alum’s Journey

After pursuing rigorous undergraduate degree programs at both Wellesley College and USC, one of our students sought admission to some of the most selective and impactful MBA graduate programs in the country. Our student, Sarah Ifrah, found her business school admissions process eye-opening, transformative, challenging, and rewarding. Sarah was happy to share her story with the Rainbow family, providing us with a generous and illuminating interview about her process. See below for her unique insights, personally-tailored preparation experiences, key observations, bold choices, and advice for other students seeking admissions to their dream schools.

Stop the Cycle of Self Comparison

There are many times in any student’s life when it may be tempting to fall into the dark cycle of comparing oneself to others: that fateful moment when graded exams are handed back in class, during tryouts for athletic teams or stage productions, when early decisions from colleges start rolling in, when ISEE scores come out, or homecoming nominations present themselves, etc.

Say Hello To The Class of 2018!

This spring has been a tremendously inspiring journey for everyone in the Rainbow Family. After months of hard work, preparation, some tears, and a great deal of self discovery, our seniors are now ready to bid farewell to their high schools and begin anew as college freshmen.