“I am beyond impressed with Rainbow EDU and Cindy Chanin. We found her company by chance when looking for someone who could share in our daughter’s unique struggle of juggling the demands of being a professional performer and a diligent scholar with goals to attend an Ivy League school. I was thrilled when I learned Cindy herself had a similar background and she built a strong connection with my daughter. Cindy and her team guided her, giving her the confidence and preparation she needed to achieve a near-perfect SAT score. When the time came to jump into the college application process, I reached back out to Cindy despite there being many local experts in DC, because I had grown to trust Rainbow EDU’s process, authenticity, and approach. Cindy jumped right in and personally worked with my daughter to help her find her angle, her differentiator. Cindy’s guidance and support gave my daughter the confidence she needed to create a stand-out narrative combined with a unique way to showcase her background in dance to illustrate how her strengths and unique abilities will make her an outlier and invaluable asset to Yale’s college community. Long story short: my daughter was accepted to Yale’s Single-Choice Early Action program and is over the moon. We are proud of her hard work and dedication and we are immensely grateful for Rainbow EDU’s guidance. They are truly best-in-class and I highly recommend Cindy and her team.”