“I have been tutoring with Cindy since my sophomore year and she has helped me through so many of the challenges of school. She has been there with me through the confusion of shapes in geometry and in dissecting chemical compounds in chemistry. My junior year she led me through the stresses of how to graph all the way to logarithms in my Algebra II Trigonometry course, and as a result I was able to raise my math grade to an all-time high. When I started the college process I was lost as to where to begin in my testing, but with Cindy’s breakdown of each subject in the ACT, I was able to raise my scores substantially in each subject, which ultimately led to an incredible increase in my overall composite score. In my senior year Cindy guided me through the rigor of Pre-Calculus and Physics. As a student at USC now, Cindy is always no more than a phone call away to offer suggestions and help make the transition to writing essays in college a thousand times easier. More than just her help in my academic life, Cindy has been there to offer me aid throughout the college process with any questions I had and in addressing any concerns. Cindy has been like no other tutor with her genuine concern for my success and her willingness to help no matter how hectic her schedule may be. I am incredibly grateful and could not have been able to be so academically successful without her help!”

Adrienne Zubia, Former WME brand partnerships coordinator and account manager at TikTok; USC and Marymount High School Graduate