“Cindy helped me to recognize my own unique spirit and potential, turning the college application process from a daunting and fearsome task into a true journey of self-discovery. With her guidance and inspiration, I was able to articulate the inner workings of my personality and put together a distinctive application that fully encapsulated who I am as a student and person. Thanks to her guidance, all of my efforts were recognized by top tier institutions, including Yale, Stanford, and Wesleyan, which were my top three choices. I am delighted to call Cindy both a mentor and friend; she has inspired me beyond words and helped me embrace my individuality. I can now say that I am heading off for college with a secure sense of self and confidence and that I am fully prepared to share my talents with the larger university community. Cindy not only help me raise my SAT score to a previously unfathomable 2300, but also helped me hone my study skills and writing techniques to fit my learning style. She is a genuine spirit whose unabashed love for learning shines through in her tutoring methods. Her personalized efforts make her an invaluable resource for students of all backgrounds and academic profiles, and her vibrant personality makes her a true friend and inspiration. I cannot thank her enough.”

Corinne Kentor, Columbia Teacher’s College, Yale and New Jewish Community High School Graduate