“Rainbow was definitely important in my college prep process because the college immersion/mentoring program really helped me to understand the college process and how it works a lot better than I understood it previously. Of course, the writing workshops and time spent brainstorming topics for the application essays were key. I enjoyed being able to discuss ideas, share stories about myself, and talk about our opinions on the college process with other students. It helped give me different perspectives and it made the program fun and social as well. Paving allowed me to realize that it’s important to find a college that’s a good fit rather than choosing a college because it has a big name. Paving also gave me the tools to find the pros and cons of schools in order to make that choice. I found it important to have the program mentors get to know me so they could give input on what colleges they thought would be a good fit for me. Most essentially of all, Paving highlighted my best qualities and showed me how to emphasize them to colleges.”

Isabel Caro, Cornell University and Brentwood Graduate