The College Acceptance Chronicles: A Dream Come True!

Jenny Drew
High School: Marymount High School
College: USC

After her first year of college in Paris through American University with the original plan of continuing college at SMU, the wonderful Jenny Drew followed her heart and was accepted to USC as a sophomore. She joined the Trojan family this year and she couldn’t be more ecstatic.

Thanks again to everyone for inspiring her to follow her dreams!

Not only did Cindy and her team help with attaining admissions to my top schools, but they also were stellar tutors who I could always count on throughout high school. I really struggled in math and science in high school and Rainbow spent countless hours going through super hard material with me, step-by-step until they saw me succeed. I was shocked by the immense patience and just incredible experience that my tutors had. Not to mention their writing. They really helped me transform a solid B paper to an A+. I learned more than I ever could have imagined about structure, organization, sophisticated grammar and transitions, personal voice, vocab, and all the elements that go into writing an amazing essay. They helped me think outside the box with my writing and say what I wanted to say while still staying in the realm of the scholastic subject at hand.

Where did you apply to school and what were you looking to study?

I only applied to LMU and USC with high hopes of getting into USC, the dream. Well, the dream came true and I will be transferring into the Annenberg School of Communications to focus my studies towards communications.

Tell us about the outcome of your efforts.

It was a grueling process with only the best outcomes. From the endless rewrites, to the constant all nighters, I felt like I was ready to give up. But once I sent in my application to USC I felt good; I felt like I had earned it. I never really had felt that feeling of truly putting in THAT hard of work and getting a reward for it. I ended up getting into both schools, but the moment I saw that beautiful acceptance letter from USC I can honestly say that I have never experienced such relief, shock, and happiness all at the same time. My hard work paid off.

What stood out for you about the process? What did you think it would be like vs. how it actually turned out?

Honestly, I just felt like I was doing the high school process all over again. The thing that stood out the most for me was my drive; I was so much more determined than I have ever been. I think that has to do with the maturity I gained by going to school in a different country for my first year of college.

What surprised you?

What surprised me the most was getting my letter from USC and at that moment feeling like my future was secure. It was an empowering feeling, a successful feeling.

What proved inspiring about the college application, essay writing, and/or self-inquiry process?

I started answering the hard questions about myself, rather than the ones that were more at the surface. I dug deep into myself and I wasn’t worried to be vulnerable.

Any experiences you’d like to share about working with the Rainbow family?

I’ve been working with the Rainbow family since the early high school days, and never noticed such a fast paced improvement in my academics. The dream team, for sure!!

How has your first year been and how has Rainbow helped you get acclimated to college life?

My first year has been going really well. I’ve been working hard and getting good grades. The Paving the Way to the College of Your Dreams program through Rainbow really helped me with my leadership skills and taking initiative. My critical thinking and creative mindset also expanded in that workshop, which has absolutely benefitted me when working in groups in college. I’ve also continued with my writing, and my writing structure has definitely gotten better over time. I’ve enjoyed studying on USC’s beautiful campus and working harder than I ever have before. Overall, I’ve really been enjoying my experience and look forward to declaring Economic Entrepreneurship as my minor with Communication as my major!