The College Acceptance Chronicles: ACT Strategy

Maddy Tung
High School: Santa Monica High School
College: Freshman at the Air Force Academy
The Rainbow Experience: ACT Prep

Maddy had her sights set on the Airforce Academy and was not going to allow the ACT to get in her way. We interviewed her about her strategy of approaching the ACTs when working with the Rainbow Family.




Why did you choose the ACT Prep Course with Rainbow?
Approaching the ACT test was a big hurdle for me, I really wanted to do well. I didn’t learn how to take this test in school and the ACT is a different skill set of test taking. I didn’t take a semester long class with an exam and a teacher. Rainbow gave me the class aspect which allowed me to feel more comfortable when preparing for the ACT.

How was the ACT Prep Course run?
We met over the course of a couple of weeks, roughly once or twice a week. Went through the book and our educator provided tips/strategies.

Was there a specific subject you struggled with?
Usually I’m very good with science, but the ACT test is structured in a way that you have to read more into the technical subjects. I could do AP tests and tests in the classroom but this was very involved and complicated. I struggled when I first took the test because the questions where structured in a different way than I was used to in class. My educator helped me bring up that score from a 23 to 34, or somewhere around those numbers. He gave me tips of how to approach the questions differently and really helped give me clarity in how to answer those types of questions.

Any experiences you’d like to share about working with the Rainbow family?
You said “family,” and I really felt like Rainbow was a family. Everyone got to know me as a person. It wasn’t about only being focused on prepping for the test. I met with Cindy and she really took the time to match me with the right tutor. Cindy was more about the holistic process.


How has your first year been in the Airforce Academy? 
I didn’t have many expectations because this is a military school and not a civilian school. I was expecting to be surprised and I was. My goal was to go in and work hard, and I’ve done just that.

If you were to give advice to someone who also wants to work with Rainbow and the ACT Prep Course, what would you tell her or him?
Take advantage of the help. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you need to. It’s a style that is intended to help students individually. Rainbow has developed a program and they will help you with how you learn best. Give your opinions. Let them know how you learn and allow the program to work with you.